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Kirsty Zane & Sci-Fi


Kirsty Zane has been named Runner Up in the Australian Writers' Guild John Hinde Award for Excellence in Science Fiction Writing for her script, 'Harold, Electra and our Lord, David Attenborough'. Kirsty has also been inducted into the prestigious Pathways Showcase.

The Winner was Thomas Atkin for his dystopian screenplay, Kin.

The John Hinde Award For Excellence in Science-Fiction Writing

Kin by Thomas Atkin [Feature Film]
In an alternate society that enforces one birth per woman, a second-born is blackmailed by a powerful family to become their secret surrogate.
Harold, Electra and Our Lord, David Attenborough by Kirsty Zane [Short Film]
In a Recycling Home for retired robots, Harold falls for Electra. But his sex drive is broken, and he must win her heart before she’s recycled.
Risen by Tony Radevski [Television]
In a city gripped by a unique street drug that causes your body to float, three strangers unravel a deadly mystery that could disrupt all of society.
The Cranks by Cameron Williams [Animation]
Family is forever, even when the world is over.
Omega by Adam Daniel [Television]
When a defiant young government investigator discovers her thought-to-be-deceased brother is not only alive but is being held captive due to his extraordinary psychic abilities, she infiltrates the shadowy organisation holding him captive to try to free him.
Remote by Nathan Fielding [Feature Film]
A dysfunctional family's devoted android confronts the true nature of his role in humanity's impending demise.

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