TICKETS: Romeo & Juliet 6pm Sunday 11th September

TICKETS: Romeo & Juliet 6pm Sunday 11th September

Regular price $12.00

This is the booking portal for our teen production of Romeo & Juliet.

No need to print tickets! Your name will be on the door list (if booking for a large group, please tell your guests that their booking will be under your name!). We will tick patrons off on arrival according to booking name. 

The front row will have reserved signs for patrons with mobility needs or other needs. 

Venue: Belconnen Theatre, Swanson Court, Belconnen

All tickets: $12 (babies who sit on a parent's lap do not require a ticket!)

Questions? Email Sanjeta 

Don't forget to take a photo on the red carpet!

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Enjoy the show!


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