Budding Performers Return to Class

Budding Performers Return to Class

Budding performers continue to learn and grow in our weekly drama classes in Canberra, with students from ages six all the way up to age nineteen working towards youth theatre productions. 

This semester's productions include Hercules and the Greek Gods (ages 6-12); A Little Princess (ages 6-14); Romeo & Juliet (ages 13-18); and Advanced Theatre Classics (ages 15-19).

Students spent the first class receiving an orientation which covered course expectations followed by drama games to get to know their fellow performers.

In the second class, students had time to practise performing scenes and monologues from the play and to get feedback from the tutors, ready to go home and prepare their audition piece for the next class.

Budding Theatre Drama Classes Students Enjoying Drama and Theatre in Canberra

Scripts and roles will be emailed to parents, guardians and performers the following week (after class three). Students need to print their scripts, highlight their lines and attend class four ready to rehearse.

Each class is working towards a final theatre production scheduled for Sunday 11th September. Tickets will go on sale in the coming weeks.

All classes are currently full. To see when our next drama classes in Canberra are open for enrolments, join the mailing list.


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