Casting Call for 'Pride and Prejudice' radio play!

Casting Call for 'Pride and Prejudice' radio play!

Budding Entertainment, in partnership with ArtSound FM, is producing Kirsty Budding's 90-minute adaptation of Pride and Prejudice for radio.

ArtSound is a listener-supported, volunteer–powered community radio station in Canberra focused on delivery of high quality local arts programs. 

Kirsty will lead the rehearsal of the 90-minute radio play over several weeks before the play is live-recorded in one session (with breaks between scenes). 

The play will be broadcast on ArtSound FM and thereafter available to stream for free on various platforms.


The Reverend
Mr Bennet
Mrs Bennet
Jane Bennet
Elizabeth (Lizzy) Bennet
Mary Bennet
Catherine (Kitty) Bennet
Lydia Bennet
Mrs Long
Lady Lucas
Dance Ensemble
Charlotte Lucas
Maria Lucas
Sir William Lucas
Mr Bingley
Mr Darcy
Miss Bingley
Mrs Hurst
Marianne Long (Mrs Long’s niece)
Lucy Long (Mrs Long’s niece)
First Footman (Smith)
Footmen Ensemble
Mr Collins
Captain Carter
Mr Denny
Mr Wickham
Colonel Forster
Mrs Forster
Anne de Bourgh
Mrs Jenkinson
Colonel Fitzwilliam
Mrs Gardiner
Mr Gardiner
Harriet Gardiner (child)
Emma Gardiner (child)
Louise Gardiner (child)
Mrs Reynolds


Interested actors will be asked to note their availability to record  in late June and early July. The deadline for submissions is midnight Sunday 11th June. Click HERE to submit an expression of interest!

Photo: Greg Gould. Budding Entertainment's 2019 production of Pride and Prejudice.

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